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How to BUY Stop The War tokens?

Install The Metamask Wallet

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From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome / Firefox by going to

Send BNB Coins to Metamask

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You need BNB coins in order to buy the SWT tokens. You can buy BNB directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange.

Connect to PancakeSwap

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Go to and swap your BNB for $STW (you need to paste the STW coin bsc address) or simply use the buttons in the footer of our site (buy/sell).

Leave your message!

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Once you purchased $STW Coins dont forget to leave your anti-war message from the manage section of this page.

STW Token Binance Smart Chain Address :0x779a10E41011094b836e92adBe55bE521c6E7CBA

"Explore the world of cryptocurrency for some fun, all while doing good. Purchase small amounts of Stop The War coins and simultaneously support a worthy cause. Dive into the world of crypto with a purpose!"

Our Goals

Establish a resilient crypto community dedicated to peace.

Our priority is to forge a robust crypto peace community, uniting individuals passionate about the potential of blockchain technology and the pursuit of global harmony. In a world often divided by financial disparities and geopolitical conflicts, we envision a space where cryptocurrency enthusiasts come together to advocate for peace. We believe that decentralized technologies can empower individuals and promote financial inclusivity while fostering collaboration and understanding across borders. Through education, advocacy, and innovation, we aspire to create a crypto peace community that harnesses the transformative power of blockchain for a more equitable and peaceful world, redefining the future of finance and cooperation.

Elevate the STW token's visibility on Crypto Exchanges.

When a token gains traction on crypto exchanges, it typically garners prominent visibility. In the past, several meme coins, such as Shiba Inu, have successfully achieved this status. Our vision is to see the STW Stop The War token rise to prominence with the support of our dedicated community. We envision it trending and capturing headlines on exchanges and news outlets. By investing in the STW Stop The War token, you are not just contributing to its success; you are also sending a powerful message for peace, given the token's name. Join us in making this priceless peace message a reality – purchase the STW Stop The War token today.

STW used in Transactions for goods and services

We envision a world where certain transactions for goods and services involve STW Stop The War tokens, allowing for a passive dissemination of the peace message during business interactions. If you are an online business owner interested in accepting STW Stop The War tokens as a form of payment, please reach out to us.

In our efforts to bring the world closer to peace, we have forwarded over 10,000 peace messages, as suggested by our STW coin holders, to world leaders on X (Twitter).

Stay connected with us on X (Twitter) and witness our actions firsthand!

Addressing WORLD Top Political Leaders

World Leaders with accounts on Twitter recieve your peace messages on a daily basis.

This is the part that makes our project genuine and unique. As previously mentioned, our Stop The War project operates a Twitter account dedicated to responding with peace messages whenever world leaders tweet about war-related subjects. We firmly believe that the list of those individuals wield significant influence on the global stage. It's evident that many of the world's most influential figures closely monitor comments under their tweets to manage their public image. With a genuine effort, they could potentially bring an end to conflicts worldwide. However, this requires prioritizing peace as a top agenda item.We hold the belief that when a world leader encounters a peace message, it triggers a small chemical reaction in their brain, bringing us one step closer to global peace. Please note that our list is continuously updated. We also acknowledge the complexities of politics, often intertwined with substantial corporate interests, and the fact that many world leaders may serve as mere figureheads without decision-making power. Nonetheless, we must initiate change from somewhere.

See our list of World Leaders

Why a Peace crypto token?

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Consider this simple example: I purchased a TV for 1000 euros or US dollars. Alternatively, I acquired a TV for 100,000 STW Stop The War tokens. Notice the distinction? In the latter scenario, there's a subtle but powerful message - I use STW tokens because I stand for peace. We aim to leverage the popularity of the crypto community to promote the idea of peace. Moreover, the crypto community comprises a relatively young demographic, representing the future leaders of our world. DogeCoin and ShibaInu are household names, making headlines globally, yet they lacked a meaningful message. Even if we could achieve a fraction of their popularity solely through the name of our STW Stop The War token, we'd already be spreading the message of peace. Success in spreading the peace message within the crypto space can have a ripple effect, extending to other areas and helping us build the vital community we need on Twitter. Join us in promoting this idea and follow us on Twitter to support our cause!

Story Of the project

A crypto developer from Europe holding his 8-month-old baby was watching the news. It was the beginning of February 2022. He thought, I'm just a developer who knows about blockchain, what can I do to prevent the war between Russia and Ukraine and further escalation into WW3. I just want to protect my family. So this is how the idea came into his mind. The STW peace token was born on 16th of February. One week later, the war started. The developer wanted to do something in order to help stop that madness. So he continued with the project. Because our crypto is war related, a serious and sad subject, we do not pay for marketing ads or influencers. We try to grow our community naturally with our own means - some automated bots, peace posts on social media, articles (only activities that require pure working time), and, of course, with the help of our supporters/token holders who share our idea in order to grow the peace community. Instead of military bases, we should have holders around the world, people with an anti-war mindset above geopolitical interests.

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Welcome to our DAPP Section

Connect your wallet to our dapp and broadcast your peace message to the blockchain! From here you can also view all peace messages that other users left.