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STW Antiwar Project : To achieve our mission we focus on 3 Goals.

Build a strong peace community

Can you imagine 1.000.000 people replying "Stop all wars!" under most influential politicians tweets? It is what we try to achieve. Our focus is twitter because it is where influential people are. Our main twitter account (@antiwarstwtoken), with the help of a bot, periodically replies with peace messages proposed by our holders under the tweets of the top 30 world politicians, as soon as they tweet. Ideally we would love our supporters to also reply with the same peace message. That would be magic! Follow us on Twitter and see how it works.

Make STW token trend on Crypto Exchanges

When a token trends on the crypto exchanges usually it is displayed on a visible place. Many meme coins (like shiba inu) achieved that in the past. We imagine, with the help of our supporters the stw antiwar token trending and making headlines on exchanges and news. The crypto community would be sending a priceless peace message(because of the token name). For that to happen we need you to buy our stw antiwar token.

STW used in Transactions for goods and services

We would like to see a world where some transactions for goods and services are held in stw antiwar tokens, to passsively send the antiwar message while doing buissnes. If you are an online bussines owner and want to accept stw antiwar tokens for payments contact us.

Follow our antiwar community on Twitter to mass tweet peace messages under world leaders tweets!

List of the top most influential World Leaders with accounts on Twitter

We believe that the people on the list bellow have a huge infulence on the world stage. What is sure is that world most powerful people read many of the comments under their own tweets because they care about their public image. They could stop all wars if they really made an effort. But of course to do that they need to consider peace as a top priority. We believe that when a world leader reads a peace message a small quimical reaction is produced in his brain that leads us a little bit closer to world peace. Imagine if they saw 1.000.000 peace messages under their tweets. The list is incomplete and it is being updated. We also want to point out that we are not stupid neither naive. We understand that behind polititians many times they are hidden huge corporate interests and often world leaders are a mere puppets who do not decide anything important. Even if that is the case we have to start from somewhere. Join our Twitter and let's start!.

Josep Borrell Fontelles Vice-President of @eu_commission EU @JosepBorrellF
President of Russia Russia government organization RUSSIA @KremlinRussia_E
Government of Russia Russia government organization RUSSIA @GovernmentRF
MFA Russia Russia government organization RUSSIA @mfa_russia
Jens Stoltenberg NATO Secretary General NATO @jensstoltenberg
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President Turkey TURKEY @RTErdogan
Emmanuel Macron President France FRANCE @EmmanuelMacron
Ambassador Julianne Smith US Ambassador to NATO USA/NATO @USAmbNATO
President Biden President of the United States USA @POTUS
Vice President Kamala Harris Vice President of the United States USA @VP
Secretary Antony Blinken Secretary of State USA @SecBlinken
Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom UK @BorisJohnson
Dmytro Kuleba Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine UKRAINE @DmytroKuleba
Volodimir Zelensky President Ukraine UKRAINE @ZelenskyyUa
Ursula von der Leyen President of the @EU_Commission EU @vonderleyen
António Guterres Secretary-General of the @UN. UN @antonioguterres
Naftali Bennett Ex Prime Minister Israel ISRAEL @naftalibennett
Yair Lapid Prime Minister Israel ISRAEL @yairlapid
Chancellor Olaf Scholz Chancellor Germany GERMANY @Chancellor
Roberta Metsola President of the European Parliament EU @RobertaMetsola
Justin Trudeau President Canada CANADA @JustinTrudeau
United Nations United Nations UN @UN
Charles Michel President European Council EU @CharlesMichel
Christine Lagarde President of the ECB EU @Lagarde
Andrzej Duda President Poland Poland @AndrzejDuda
Pope Francis Poope Francis Vatican @Pontifex
PMO India Office of the Prime Minister of India India @PMOIndia
Fumio Kishida Prime Minister Japn Japan @kishida230
Zhang Jun Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations. China @ChinaAmbUN
Shehbaz Sharif Prime Minister Pakistan Pakistan @CMShehbaz

Why a Peace crypto token?

A simple example: I bought a tv for 1000 euro or us dollars. I bought a tv for 100000 stw antiwar tokens. You see the difference? In the second case there is un underlying message, i use stw tokens because im an antiwar person. We want to get advantage of the popularity of the crypto community in order to spread the no war idea. Furthermore the average age of the crypto users is relatively young meaning that those people are the future ruling generations. Who has not heard about DogeCoin or ShibaInu? They made countless headlines on the news, became extremely popular around the world but they failed to bring any meaningful message. If we could reach a small portion of their popularity and only by the name of our STW Antiwar token, we would already be spreading the peace idea. If we are succesfull on spreading the antiwar message in the crypto space it could bounce to other areas, enabling us to gain the critical community that we need on twitter. Help us spread the idea and follow us on twitter!

Tokeneconomics: How many STW tokens they are?

They are 7.8 billion tokens, the same as the world population. 2.5 billion (32%) have been burned, as a symbol of what would happen if a nuclear war is started. Slippage level should be set to minimum(0.1%), they are 0% taxes for getting in and for getting out. The goal is to develop the project for very long term. Currently a small amount of tokens is put into a liquidity pool at the decentralized exchange pancakeSwap.

Connect your wallet to our dapp and broadcast your peace message to the blockchain!

How to post my message on the blockchain ?

You need a crypto wallet like metamask first

What can I do with the STOP THE WAR (STW) token?

If you OWN at least 1 stw you will be allowed to write a peace message that is going to be stored on the bsc blockchain. This peace message is like a proposal that will be later broadcasted by the community to world leaders on twitter. You can also view all messages stored by other stw users. Apart from that the STW antiwar token has the standard BEP20 functions, like transfer tokens to someone else. The coin per se is a smart contract based on the open zeppelin ERC20 token. It implements two additional functions, one for memorizing antiwar messages and another function to retrieve all stored messages from hodlers.

Story Of the project

A crypto developer from Europe holding his 8-month-old baby was watching the news. It was the beginning of February 2022. He thought, I'm just a developer who knows about blockchain, what can I do to prevent the war between Russia and Ukraine and further escalation into WW3. I just want to protect my family. So this is how the idea came into his mind. The STW peace token was born on 16th of February. One week later, the war started. The developer wanted to do something in order to help stop that madness. So he continued with the project. Because our crypto is war related, a serious and sad subject, we do not pay for marketing ads or influencers. We try to grow our community naturally with our own means - some automated bots, peace posts on social media, articles (only activities that require pure working time), and, of course, with the help of our supporters/token holders who share our idea in order to grow the peace community. Instead of military bases, we should have holders around the world, people with an anti-war mindset above geopolitical interests.

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How to BUY (STW antiwar) tokens?

Install Metamask

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From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome / Firefox by going to

Send BNB to Metamask

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You need BNB coins in order to buy the SWT tokens. You can buy BNB directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange.

Connect to PancakeSwap

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Go to and swap your BNB for $STW (you need to paste the STW coin bsc address) or simply use the buttons in the footer of our site (buy/sell).

Leave your message!

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Once you purchased $STW Coins dont forget to leave your anti-war message from the manage section of this page.

STW Token Binance Smart Chain Address :0x779a10E41011094b836e92adBe55bE521c6E7CBA